7 Ways To Spend Less On Restaurant Bills For Foodies

It is not surprising that many of us love to eat outside, especially at a restaurant. At times, this habit is so addictive that you will end up eating in a restaurant almost every alternate day. The real reason is the firm belief that the restaurant food is more delicious than the healthy food cooked at home.

It is also the reason why you do not realise the high price tags. Yes, you save cooking and cleaning time but at the cost of spending unnecessarily. So, isn’t it better to save here? If yes, then below are the top ways to save smartly on restaurant bills:

Stop Impulsive Eating

Okay, you might know what is this all about! Very few foodies realise that the biggest restaurant budget drainer is a quick purchase that occurs without thinking at all. Some examples of these purchases are instant pizza orders, quick appetizer orders to get rid of work boredom and the ‘don’t want to cook’ attitude.

It is okay to show one of these traits once in a while but not every week. The solution? Well, how about stocking some nutritional snacks in your desk or pantry?

Prefer Lunch; Avoid Dinner!

Have you ever realized that a lunch meal is far more affordable than a dinner treat? On top of that, you can enjoy some freebies such as a salad or a soup for less than the main course’s price for dinner. Still, if you wish to enjoy dinner, consider choosing more affordable and light options.

Omit the Appetizers

Yes, you may be a foodie who loves different dips, chips, platters and beverages including sodas. However, you need food, not extravagances every time. Next time when you eat at a restaurant, ask for water instead and spend those bucks of appetizers for the main course. No matter where you go, water is free.

If you still wish to have appetizers, look for a restaurant offering free chips and salsa or breads to feel satisfied without spending much. Here, you still enjoy appetizers and save money for the main entrée.

Choose Early Weekdays

After a crowded weekend, for most restaurants, the initial three days of a week are quite sluggish for restaurants. Thus, to attract more customers, they declare special offers such as pizzas under $10, buy 1 get 1 free and cheaper main course deals. In other words, you enjoy a Sunday night treat as Monday lunch at a more competitive price.

Avoid Going Out for Eating on a Major Holiday

Anybody would agree that spending on restaurant food on a major holiday is identical to splurging. On a regular day, the same meal that you had in a nearby restaurant on a holiday will cost you almost half. So, to enjoy the delicacies without spending more, try going to a restaurant either a day before or after a major holiday.

Look for Children Menu

It is wise to look for a restaurant that offers not only a dedicated menu for kids but also charges nothing for what your kids eat. It is time to stop paying the full price when your small one picks just one portion. Luckily, many restaurants provide free meals for the small ones below 12 on some weekdays.

At the same time, you, too, can go for a kids’ menu if you wish to eat light. This can save you tremendously without wasting food or money.

Eat during Happy Hours

Many restaurants have happy hours during which you can grab your lunch or dinner early than the normal time range and have appetizers or other dishes at half prices. You just need to find out the happy hours, as it varies from one restaurant to another.


So, now enjoy your favorite dishes without spending more!

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